About Us

What is Arc Terminator LLC?

Arc Terminator is a small business that's passionate about creating tools to help people. Whether you're a hobbyist, professional or shop owner, Arc Terminator's welding products can help you improve your skills and save you money. Our vehicle products are also designed to help increase your vehicle's performance, while making installations easy. We're always focusing on innovating and improving welding tools, automotive products and processes.


When Was Arc Terminator Founded?

Arc Terminator was founded in 2021 by Michael "Mike" Albanese in New Jersey, USA. We formed our company with the mission of creating specialized welding tools to improve the lives of fabricators, welders, hobbyists, etc... We've also begun developing products for car enthusiasts that are designed to be innovative and easily installed. Our real passion is innovation and bringing value to communities of those who enjoy DIY'ing projects as much as we do.

Originally we noticed a demand for improving scratch / lift / drag start TIG welding. The biggest drawback of this welding process is the inability to cleanly terminate an arc while maintaining shielding gas over the weld. We're proud to say we've solved this issue by creating the Arc Terminator line of products! 

The founder of Arc Terminator, Mike, has been actively involved in multiple car communities since he had his driver's permit. Always wanting to learn everything he could about cars, fabrication and anything hands-on, he decided to create a YouTube channel called "Foul News" in hopes of being able to pass some of his knowledge down to other enthusiasts and DIY'ers alike. Our primary goal has always been to create tools and products that bring real value to those of us who love taking on projects ourselves.