Get Your Car Featured With a Custom Sticker!

Want your car featured on a custom sticker that we'll include with each order?*

Each month we showcase a customer's car as a drawing that we place on a sticker and send out with every order for that month.* If there are any stickers left over from the month we'll send the remaining stickers to the customer. 

To enter for a chance to become next month's sticker feature, please submit a photo of your car to us via email. Please use the Support email address that's listed at the bottom of your order's packing slip by the 20th day of the month. Submissions after the 20th day of the month may be used for the 2nd following month. 

Once we receive all of the submissions for the month, we'll post a poll on our Instagram page's story @Arc_terminator between the 20th and 21st of the month so that our followers can vote for their favorite car. The car that receives the most votes will be used as the feature for the following month.


Q. What if I place an order after the 20th of the month and submit my car's photo?
A. Depending on the number of submissions we receive for the month, your submission will go towards the 2nd following month. 

Q. Why the 20th of the month and not the end of the month?
A. To stay on track with getting 1 new sticker made per month, we need enough time to have a vote, then submit the winning photo to a graphic artist. Once the graphic artist finishes the drawing, we then submit the photo to a sticker company to get the stickers custom made. Between the artist's time and sticker company's time, it generally takes 8 - 10 business days for us to receive the stickers.

Q. If I win, can I submit my car's photo again next month?
A. If you win, we kindly ask that you wait until next year to submit again, so that we can make sure we give others the same opportunity to win as well.

April 2024's Feature - @4teesautowerks on Instagram

February and March 2024's Feature - @baybaye82 on Instagram


January 2024's Feature - @bimmerfab on Instagram and YouTube

December 2023's Feature - @RVSSVLLE90 on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok


November 2023's Feature - @335icarlos on Instagram

335icarlos 335i sticker


Additional Information:
*stickers are subject to availability. Placing an order does not guarantee a sticker will be included with every order. We try our best to make sure we order enough stickers for every order, however it is possible that we may run out of stickers before your order is sent out. An entry does not guarantee that you will win and there is no monetary value associated with winning.