What is an Arc Terminator?

The Arc Terminator is a tool created to help welders that use scratch / lift or drag start TIG welders. The Arc Terminator is a pedal or finger switch device that's plug and play with most welding machines that use DINSE style connectors. The Arc Terminator provides a way to cleanly terminate an arc while maintaining shielding gas coverage on the weld. The Arc Terminator is also a fully configurable post-flow device, so you can keep your shielding gas covering your weld for as long as you need it to without the hassle of using the knob on your torch.

What isn't an Arc Terminator?

The Arc Terminator is not a device that allows for full amperage control. We're still working on a way to add this feature into a future device. The Arc Terminator also doesn't have pulsing abilities either. Pulse is something that we are also working on and hope to have in a future version! 

Why Should I Buy This Instead of Upgrading?

If you already have a scratch / lift or drag start TIG welder, the Arc Terminator will save you money from upgrading to a more expensive machine, especially if you're already comfortable with this process of TIG welding. Typical TIG welders that have a pedal, or finger switch and post-flow configuration usually cost upwards of $800 +, meanwhile you can buy a $200 scratch start TIG welder or stick welder and add an Arc Terminator to it to have a pedal or switch and post-flow options!

Will This Work With My Welder?

The Arc Terminator comes with a few different connection options that will work with most scratch / lift or drag start welders. If you don't see an option for the connector style that your machine uses, we recommend choosing the "No connectors, I will make my own," option so that you can customize the input and output of the Arc Terminator as you please. If you're unsure what style connectors your machine uses, contact your machine's manufacturer support to find out what style connectors you need. Also, if you're still unsure, feel free to send us an email and we'll be glad to work out a solution for you!

I Have a Stick Welder, Can I Use This?

The short answer here is, YES! If you have a DC stick welder, even one with hard-wired leads, you can still use an Arc Terminator to turn your DC stick welder into an awesome TIG welder! However, if you have an older AC stick welder, an Arc Terminator may not work with your device.

My Question Isn't On Here, Now What?

Head over to our "Contact Us" page and drop us a line, we'll try to respond and help you out as quickly as possible!