BMW F3X EKP PNP Cooler Kit Installation Instructions

This kit is designed to use switched ignition power from the existing cigarette lighter circuit located in the trunk fuse panel. You’ll need to run the power cable from the fuse panel to the EKP module. We recommend using trim removal tools for easier installation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with your order # at our "Contact Us" page.

Step 1: Access the EKP module. It is located behind the rear passenger seat bolstering. Unbolt the EKP module from the two mounting points and remove the wiring harness.

Step 2: Remove the cover of the EKP module and locate the components that will require the provided heatsinks. Use the included alcohol pad to clean the top surfaces of the components and then wait about 30 seconds for each of the components to dry.

Step 3: Peel off the adhesive guard from the heat sinks and then apply the heatsinks to the components as shown below. To do this, we recommend holding the heatsinks onto the components with light downward pressure for 30 seconds each to ensure a strong bond. Then install the new EKP cooler housing over your EKP module.           



Step 4: Re-install the EKP module and bolt the ground wire for the fan either an existing grounding point above near the EKP module or to one of the studs that holds down the EKP module. Then run the power wire to the fuse panel in the trunk. Use the provided zip ties where necessary. If any loose foam exists behind the seat, clear it out so that it does not get sucked into the fan or cause the fan to stop working if pressed against it.

Step 5: Access the trunk fuse panel and locate the 15-Amp fuse, which is in position #145. Remove the 15-Amp fuse from that circuit and install it in the empty space of the fuse holder for the power wire coming from the fan. Then plug the fuse holder into the fuse socket that you just removed the 15-Amp fuse from and verify that the fan now powers on when the ignition turns on and turns off when the ignition is off. Alternatively, you can use any other fuse that turns on with the ignition and turns off when the ignition is off regardless of amperage. Once you verify that it is working as expected, re-install the trunk carpet and any panels that were necessary to remove in order to access the EKP module or the fuse panel and enjoy a cooler EKP!