How To Code Your EKPM3 With ProTool

To code your new upgraded EKPM3 using ProTool, you'll need to do the following steps. Please note that depending on your vehicle's chassis, some options may not be available or they may be in a different location. If you're unfamiliar with ProTool, please visit their website at the following link for more information:

Step 1: Connect ProTool to your phone or tablet with either a USB to K+DCAN cable or connect to a supported wireless dongle.

Step 2: Make sure to turn your ignition on without turning the car on while connected to ProTool.

Step 3: In the main menu of ProTool, select "FUEL PUMP."

Step 4: In the "FUEL PUMP" menu, select "FUNCTIONS."

Step 5: In the "FUNCTIONS" menu, select "Change Vin." 

Step 6: Once you've selected "Change Vin," you'll be prompted with the following message. Click on "Confirm."

Step 7: Enter your vehicle's VIN in the text entry field. Once you verified that your VIN is correctly entered in, click on "Confirm."

Step 8: Once you click on "Confirm" after changing the VIN on the module to match your vehicle's VIN, you'll be back in the "FUEL PUMP" menu. From that menu, click on "CODING."

Step 9: In the "CODING" menu, click on "FACTORY CODE." This menu may ask you to make a backup of your current coding. Follow the on-screen prompts to perform the coding backup, then proceed with the "FACTORY CODE" operation.

Step 10: Once the "FACTORY CODE" operation has finished, you'll be brought back to the "FUEL PUMP" menu. Your new upgraded EKMP3 is now coded to your vehicle and you can either cycle the ignition and start the car, or you can perform the "Voltage Fix" outlined in steps 11 and 12.

Step 11: To apply the "EKP Voltage Fault Fix," you can do the following from the "FUEL PUMP" menu. Click on "Functions," then click on "EKP Voltage Fault Fix."

Step 12: Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the "EKP Voltage Fault Fix," and then cycle your ignition and start your car.