Injector Plug Retainer Fix Kit Installation Tips

Injector Plug Retainer Fix Installation Tips

This kit is designed to prevent the injector’s electrical plug from backing out of a broken injector’s factory plug retainer. We recommend using needle nose pliers for an easier installation and an 8mm socket to remove any ground wires that may be covering the injector itself. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with your order # at our "Contact Us Page."

Step 1: Remove the engine cover and locate the injectors in the cylinder head. For this installation, the injectors do not have to be removed.

Step 2: Remove any wires that may obstruct your access to the side of the injector where the electrical connection is. Make sure to keep any hardware removed in a safe place as any grounds that are removed must be re-installed. Also make sure the injector’s electrical connection is plugged into the injector because once the plug retainer kit is installed, removal of the plug will require the removal of the plug retainer kit.

Step 3: Once the injector is easily accessible, lower the injector retainer down to the injector’s location and turn the retainer at an angle so that the bottom inside of the retainer is touching the bottom black plastic of the injector itself as in the photo below. Once it’s in that position, push the retainer onto the injector. This part may be a bit difficult as depending on which injector you are installing this kit on, the retainer will hit the valve cover, but can be slid past it with a little force.


Step 4: Once the retainer is securely on the injector, install the zip ties. The zip ties should be installed along each groove of the injector retainer so that they do not slip. Installing the zip ties will take some time as there isn’t much space to work with. We suggest using needle nose pliers with a bit of patience to feed them through and secure them like in the photo below:

Step 5: Snip off the tails of the zip ties for a clean install then re-install any wires or covers that you removed to access the injector. Once everything is in place, your injector’s electrical connection should stay securely in place. If additional zip ties are needed for future installs or removals, any 8” by 3.5mm zip ties should work.